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The National Anzac Centre offers several volunteering opportunities and always welcomes expressions of interest from those wishing to become part of our tight knit volunteer team. Volunteers form a very important part of the experience we offer our visitors. We have opportunities for everyone including people currently in the workforce and retirees!

Some of the benefits of volunteering at the National Anzac Centre include:

  • Being part of one of Australia's most significant cultural experiences

  • Meeting new people and gaining new skills and expertise

  • Meet visitors from all over Australia and the World

  • Free tea/coffee and light refreshments when on shift

  • Work alongside the skilled National Anzac Centre and Princess Royal Fortress team in delivering a visitor experience of international standard

Some of the roles volunteers undertake within the precinct include:

  • Visitor information and assistance

  • Curatorial projects

  • Events and special occasions

  • Gun firing crew

  • Tour guiding

  • Visitor transfers

  • Cruise ship greetings

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Volunteer Profiles

The Albany Heritage Park currently has over 40 dedicated volunteers who commit their time to sharing their knowledge of the site with hundreds of visitors, every day of the year.

Below we have a rotating selection of some of our volunteer Profiles on display to highlight the amazing work they do, and to allow our visitors get to know a bit more about the faces they'll see at the Albany Heritage Park.

Dominic Brain.jpg

Dominic Brain

I was in Year 11 at school when I heard what was then known as the Princess Royal Fortress were looking for volunteers, and as someone with a passion for history especially military history I jumped at the opportunity to volunteer here and I haven’t looked back since.

The site is unique in so many ways from the beautiful views to the amazing history. There is something for everyone here and even after volunteering here these past few years, I’m always learning something new and discovering more of the history and stories of this precinct. My passion is history and tourism so being able to be at the Albany Heritage Park, I’m able to make my passion a reality.

There have been countless memorable moments but for me the most memorable ones are the personal stories of the visitors. A few years ago on one of my tours I took a group into the Married Quarters, which was where the Ellam-Innes Collection was housed at the time. When we reached the Boys on the Pyramid photograph and as I was telling a few stories about the photograph one of the visitors pointed to one of the troops and told me, “That’s my grandfather.” She then told me and the rest of the group about her grandfather’s time in the war and how he was one of the lucky ones to return home. Back when the National Anzac Centre first opened in 2014 I had another similar experience on one of my tours. At the start of the Convoy Walk a visitor pointed out one of the letters engraved into the sculpture and told me that letter was written by her Uncle to her Grandmother.

Someone once told me, “We work because we have to. We volunteer because we want to,” and who wouldn’t want to work at a place like this overflowing with history and amazing stories? For anyone considering volunteering at the Albany Heritage Park my advice to you is simple, do it. Grab the opportunity with both hands and jump right into it. You won’t regret it.

Ray Valverde

After visiting the National Anzac Centre and the Princess Royal Fortress as a guest, the many friendly, helpful and enthusiastic volunteers I met in my visit made me want to be a part of the team.

What really interested me in becoming a volunteer at the site was the opportunity to gain knowledge and lean more of its history, who the Anzacs were and what made the Anzac name one to be proud of.

There have been many memorable moments, so I cannot say which one is the best. But, some of my favourites are when I am able to help visitors trace their ancestors history. One family was overjoyed and said their family now seemed complete.

If you are thinking of volunteering, you cannot go past applying for a position at the Albany Heritage Park. Here, you will make good friends, receive tutoring and have great support from all the other volunteers and staff. You will be part of a team.


You get more out of being a volunteer than the effort you put in.

Ray Valverde.JPG

Wendy Wright

I started volunteering at the Albany Heritage Park when I had to give up my work as a carer due to back problems. I was looking for something interesting to do and found this.

I love the sites history and you get to meet people from other States and all over the world, and for me there's nothing I like better than being able to talk to a wide range of people from varying backgrounds.

My most memorable moment while volunteering at the Albany Heritage Park will always be when I guided my first tour of the site. It was terrifying, but so rewarding.

I would thoroughly recommend volunteering at the Albany Heritage Park as the people you get to interact with are lovely and friendly. The Volunteer Coordinator, Veronique, takes great care of us and you get to meet interesting people from all over the world.

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Donation of Artefacts


Found an artefact at home which relates to the Princess Royal Fortress? We'd love to take a look!

Please email a photo of the artefact to and the team will be in contact.

If your artefact is not related to the Princess Royal Fortress specifically, please contact the Western Australia Museum.

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