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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is it free to visit the National Anzac Centre?
    The business model developed for the National Anzac Centre provides for the on-going sustainability of the Centre, and the wider Albany Heritage Park. While the Centre is operated on a commercial basis, it is not run to generate a profit. All revenue from entry fees provide for the upkeep and operations of the National Anzac Centre, the Princess Royal Fortress, and other attractions of the Albany Heritage Park, such as the Desert Mounted Corps Memorial. In setting ticket prices, we have struck a balance between affordability and financially sustainable operations. Extensive research of entry fees to other, major visitor experiences in the region, state and nation demonstrate ticket prices for the National Anzac Centre are favourable and represent good value. Admission fees are for accessing the National Anzac Centre interpretive experience. Access to other exhibits and memorials and the surrounding grounds is free of charge. For opening hours and ticket prices please click here.
  • How do I buy a ticket?
    Entry tickets are available online or at the front counter located within the National Anzac Centre or at The Forts Store. Tickets may be purchased using cash, EFTPOS or Visa and MasterCard credit cards only, with contactless payments preferred. Personal Cheques, Bitcoin, Diners, and American Express are not accepted.
  • Do I need to pre-purchase tickets?
    There is no need to pre-purchase tickets, as there is no timed entry. Should the National Anzac Centre be at capacity, there is usually only a 5-10 minute wait until you can enter. If you wish to pre-purchase, you can purchase your ticket online.
  • Is it free to visit the Princess Royal Fortress?
    Entry is free, with gold coin donations encouraged. A donation box is located outside the Barracks building. Albany Heritage Park volunteers provide guided access to these facilities when available. Tours start at the Princess Royal Fortress Barracks Building at scheduled times.
  • Can I leave the National Anzac Centre and return on the same day?
    Visitors to the National Anzac Centre may leave the building and return on the same day of purchase. At re-entry, the visitor/s is required to show their receipt.
  • As a relative of an ANZAC, do I have to pay to enter the National Anzac Centre?
    All visitors to the National Anzac Centre must pay an admission fee. Serving, and ex-service, personnel are offered concessional entry to the National Anzac Centre as follows: A 50% discount is offered to those bearing a valid current serviceperson ID or Australian or New Zealand Department of Veteran's Affairs Card. Free of Charge entry is extended to Australian and New Zealand serving military personnel in uniform.
  • How can organised commercial groups plan their visit?
    Organisers of commercial group visits should contact the National Anzac Centre Administration Officer at
  • What provisions are available for visitors living with a disability?
    The National Anzac Centre is a supporter of the Western Australian Companion Card initiative and allows Free of Charge entry to Companions actively engaged in providing assistance to fee-paying visitors requiring assistance. Subject to availability, a wheelchair is provided for use by visitors to the National Anzac Centre. This is available from the visitor service agent at the reception counter. Service Dogs engaged in the provision of assistance to their handler are permitted within the National Anzac Centre. No other animals are allowed entry.
  • Can I leave or store personal items anywhere while visiting the National Anzac Centre?
    No cloaking or storage facility is available at the National Anzac Centre or Princess Royal Fortress. Visitors may wish to consider leaving unrequired items in their car. School bags are not permitted in the National Anzac Centre.
  • How long does it take to go through the National Anzac Centre and Princess Royal Fortress?
    The National Anzac Centre provides a deeply immersive experience combining traditional museum display and exhibition techniques with highly interactive, multi-media interpretive content. A casual visitor could expect to tour the National Anzac Centre in around one-hour. A visitor engaging fully in the available content could expect to spend two to three hours. As entry to the National Anzac Centre also includes entry to the buildings and exhibits of Princess Royal Fortress, a visitor could easily spend half a day in the precinct.
  • What else can I do at the National Anzac Centre and Princess Royal Fortress?
    The Albany Heritage Park incorporates a range of significant pre- and post-European cultural and historical attractions – many with military connections – including Princess Royal Fortress, the Desert Mounted Corp Memorial, Padre White Lookout, and the Avenue of Honour. The Park also provides for a suite of recreational pursuits including bush walking and mountain biking on marked trails, and road cycling. These are extended through annual events such as the Urban Down Hill Challenge, Australian National Soap Box Derby and Mt Clarence Hill Climb motor race.
  • Can I smoke at the National Anzac Centre?
    The National Anzac Centre and Princess Royal Fortess is a no-smoking venue in compliance with the Tobacco Products Control Regulations 2006. Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the venue or within five metres of any entry or exit.
  • Can I bring my dog?
    No animals can enter the National Anzac Centre or Princess Royal Fortress buildings unless it is a registered assistance animal. You are welcome to take your dog around the grounds of the Princess Royal Fortress adn Albany Heritage Park provided you clean up any waste it creates, keep them on a lead and under control at all times.
  • Can I use my drone for recreation, photography or videography at the Albany Heritage Park?
    All drone operators at the Albany Heritage Park (including the Princess Royal Fortress and National Anzac Centre) must have authorisation from the City of Albany. Please contact the City of Albany in normal business hours on (08)6820 3000 or email for further information.
  • Can I request a member of my family or a person of interest to me to follow through the exhibit?
    As you make your way through the National Anzac Centre you will follow the story of 1 of 32 men and women involved in different aspects of the First World War. These people have been thoroughly researched and have first hand accounts as well as artefacts and verifiable records on display to support their stories. This will ensure that you have the best experience possible. Due to the countless hours of research time that it takes to thoroughly research a complete story and curate displays we are unable to offer a customised visitor experience. You may wish to visit the National Archives of Australia 'Defence and war service records' website at We also recommend using the Australian War Memorial database or National Archives of New Zealand as another resource when researching a person of interest to you in World War 1.
  • Can I hire the National Anzac Centre, Princess Royal Fortress or Albany Heritage Park grounds for an event?"
    The Albany Heritage Park is a public space for general public access and use. The City of Albany does not accept bookings for use of the grounds, with activities to be held on a first in basis. Organised activities that have an impact on the operations of the National Anzac Centre, Forts Store or Princess Royal Fortress do require assessment and approval. An activity is not approved until the City of Albany is satisfied that organisers have met all conditions and approval has been granted in writing. If you are unsure whether your activity will have an operational impact please contact the National Anzac Centre Administration Officer on (08) 6820 3500 to discuss. If your activity is an event, you may need to complete an Events Approvals Application. Please visit for more information
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