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Accessibility Information

The National Anzac Centre

The National Anzac Centre aims to be accessible for people living with impairments and disabilities. We have the following facilities available to make your visit as comfortable and hassle-free as possible.

  • We accept the Companion Card.

  • Information provided in an audio format.

  • Step free outdoor pathways.

  • Step free entrance to the National Anzac Centre and no interior steps.

  • Wheelchair accessible toilet and change room.

  • Wheelchair accessible parking with ACROD permit.

Getting to the National Anzac Centre

ACROD / Accessible Parking

  • There are two ACROD parking bays located at the National Anzac Centre carpark, directly in front of the centre on the old parade ground.

  • There is a concrete kerb ramp, flush to the ground (no lip) from the ACROD parking to the pathway, which is marked with tactile ground surface indicators.

  • There is a smooth pathway, followed by an entrance ramp with a slight gradient to the Centre’s front doors.

  • There are tactile ground surface indicators at the bottom and top of the ramp.

  • There are no handrails between the car park and bottom of the entrance ramp. 

Accessible Drop-off Area

  • Adjacent to the ACROD bays there is an open area that can be used as a set down and pick up area.

  • This area is on a first come first served basis and may not always be available at your time of arrival, if already in use.


Distance & Surfaces

  • It is approximately 12m from the carpark along the smooth pathway to the entrance ramp.

  • It is approximately 6m along the entrance ramp to the front doors along a slight gradient.

  • There is one bench seat without armrests located at the bottom of the entrance ramp.

  • There is a drinking fountain with a pet friendly tap at the bottom of the entrance ramp.

  • The surface of the pathway is smooth aggregate concrete.

  • The surface of the entrance ramp is smooth composite board with a non-slip surface.

  • The entrance ramp is 2.5m wide, with balustrades and handrails along both sides.

Moving around the National Anzac Centre


  • There is one entrance to the Centre, off the main carpark via a pathway and entrance ramp.

  • This entrance is accessible via two sets of double glass doors, with one door opening to 90cm, and the double doors opening to 1.8m.

  • As the doors are not automatic, staff assistance is available as needed.

  • The accessible emergency exit is via the front entrance doors.

  • There is an additional emergency exit at side of the centre, however, this exit has 31 stairs leading down to ground level. Therefore, accessible emergency exit should be through the main entrance.  



  • The Centre is fully accessible via wheelchair, mobility scooter and other walking aids.

  • There are two ambulant toilets and two accessible toilets in the Centre.   

  • Step free and level access into the building.

  • The exhibition is all on the one level, with no change in floor height throughout the experience.

  • The Centre has one wheelchair for visitors to use.

  • The Centre has multiple sturdy seating options within the exhibition, many with arm rests.

  • Seating can be provided in the foyer on request.

  • Trained Guide or Assistance Animals are welcome in the Centre.

  • The centre’s displays are at dual heights making them accessible for children, people in wheelchairs, or people of short stature.


Quiet Times and Spaces

 The Centre tends to be quieter between 1pm - 5pm on weekdays.


The room housing the Pool of Reflection, overlooking King George Sound, is a quiet area of reflection with minimum stimulation, if you needed an area of low sensory activity. Some of the audio and visual exhibits are either on a loop or activated by the visitor.

Princess Royal Fortress

The Princess Royal Fortress Convoy Walk & Lookout is paved and wheelchair friendly, however is still steep. People who use a wheelchair may require assistance to reach the top. 

The Main Barracks Gallery is wheelchair accessible, with ramps and wide doors. Exhibitions in the Princess Royal Fortress buildings do not have information in an audio format or a hearing loop.  

HMAS Perth Exhibit has a bitumen path and ramp, and both doors can be opened to allow a wheelchair. The exhibit has enough room for a wheelchair to move freely around the room. 

The Guard House has a ramp and the doorway can fit a manual wheelchair. Electronic wheelchairs may struggle. 

The remaining Princess Royal Fortress buildings, due to their heritage nature, may be difficult to navigate in a wheelchair. 

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